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MBTI: Hawkeye and the ISTP Teammate

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Since I’ve probably got more characters on here typed as ISTP than any other type, why not do every major version of Clint “Hawkeye” Barton, where, though people may not want to believe it, every version is an ISTP. And just like your own type, they all act slightly different yet the type is still the same. What kind exactly? You’ll have to check it out, cowboy.

And this isn’t just different types of ISTP, as was a similar article with a few Game of Thrones characters, but rather how the ISTP plays into team dynamics using Hawkeye as a model. Specifically his 616 version (The original comic book counterpart), the 1610 version (The “Ultimate” line of Marvel comics), and the Marvel Cinematic Universe version. Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #2: Star Wars Could Be Deep!

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Bryce believes that Star Wars is deeper than some people give it credit for (after all those shiny but rotten prequels). All of this is still experimental, so let us know what you think. Continue reading


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You’ve got your nerdy scientist and he’s alright, right? He’s smart, he’s a nice guy, he does stuff with lab coats and whatnot; you know what scientists do.

But then he’s got this alter ego that’s waaay more fun. He doesn’t hold you up with long, boring conversations. He’s always doing something worth noticing, and he’s the best there is at what he does (Smashing things. That’s what he does). Get ready for the ESFP, sucka! Continue reading

MBTI: Captain America- ESTJ

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Democrats! Republicans! Sportsmanship! Books!

No matter what the generation, there’s only one hero that best represents the American spirit. And in a world that’s increasingly cynical and embittered, there’s only one type to lead us out of such a mess with unbridled idealism of what it means to be decent, average, and normal! Woo!

The Captain is ESTJ, as his leadership, morals, and old-school rhetoric are that of not only one of the most common types, but one of the most by-the-book types as well. Aside from wearing the American flag, of course. Continue reading

2012: The Best of the Year, Thus Far

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It’s tough to believe (like every year) that 2012 is halfway over. Six months to go and the rest of the world is gone too. Oh, happy day! To make the best of this time, I’ve compiled a short list of the five best movies from this year, as well as the five worst. This includes links to the actual reviews, and I’ve added a few on here that I never got a chance to write reviews on, for one reason or another. Click on the title for the individual review. Worst movies up soon. So many to choose from on that list…

Continue reading

Here Comes a New Challenger!

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I say this as more of a fact that’s soon to be proven rather than a prediction, but what Iron Man was to Dark Knight in ’08, Avengers will be that to Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Iron Man and Avengers are fun, great comic book movies that are the best of their genre while Nolan’s trilogy has/will transcend the comic sub-genre. As far as comics go, I’ve always been Marvel hands down, but as far as movies go, DC’s new Batman movies alone make me want to side with them. Marvel seems to be quantity over quality. Then again, DC created last year’s monstrosity, Green Lantern. Even still, I’m all about the rivalry.