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MBTI: Commissioner Gordon- ISFJ

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Everything about Batman screams danger, confidence, and an unbridled dedication to justice. Everything about Jim Gordon mumbles “Ah, crap. Who’s mess am I cleaning up now?”

Though the ISFJ hates the mess they’re dealing with, what they hate even more is leaving it dirty. Known for their quiet restlessness, it only makes sense that Bruce Wayne’s contact within the police would be an ISFJ. Like Watson to Holmes, Gordon relies on Batman but still carries a heavy load on his own end, never once looking for the credit that should so easily be given to them. Continue reading

MBTI: Scarecrow- INTJ

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Being the same type as Batman doesn’t necessarily guarantee the title of archenemy but he still makes for a great villain, no matter the medium.

Doctor Doom may be the INTJ stereotype and Walter White one of the best written INTJs, but Scarecrow’s place is the physical manifestation of an INTJ dark side is solidified in his bizarre brand of manipulation and control, never knowing when to quit and always having an exit strategy ready…until the dark knight gets his hands on him of course. Continue reading