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The Best Movies of 2013

Posted in Top 5 Lists, Whatever with tags , , on 01/02/2014 by Taylor Holt


Here it is, people! The best of the best! Scrubs need not apply! No really, some of these are your stereotypical A-list dramas, sure to top everybody’s “Best of the Year” lists because they’re just that good, while others are just more personal choices that you’ll find others wouldn’t watch again if you paid them.

Well, screw them, right? You don’t watch movies because what somebody else says, do you? Unless it’s me, of course. You can listen to me. Continue reading

The Top Five of 2012

Posted in Top 5 Lists with tags , , , , on 01/08/2013 by Taylor Holt


After (woo hoo!) an entire of reviewing movies, this is what it comes down to; the best of the best, the most amazing, well scripted, melodramatic dramas that Hollywood has to offer… maybe not, but these are my most enjoyable and well made films of 2012. As far as I’m concerned, the second half of the year was much better than the first half, while the year all around just kicked the balls of 2011, despite the huge titles that came out.

I’m looking at you, Twilight and Hangover 2. Continue reading