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MBTI: Bill and Ted- ESFP

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There really isn’t anything else for these guys. They love music, partying, and they don’t ever mean to hurt anyone.

…yet their existence is crucial to the success of humanity decades down the road. If only they could get their heads out of their butts and take care of their responsibilities! Continue reading

Death is a Pale, White Guy…Usually.

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After having invested so much time in Death Note, it seemed an interesting idea of a grim reaper-type figure just following you around all day. Even weirder is the idea that death would show up to tell you that you’re dead and now, you gotta go with him.

Death is a pretty wacky thing. You’re born, you start to die, then you die. What a cycle! So it’s not that crazy for the personification of death to have a few weird tendencies himself. Death comes in many forms, but a lot of times he just looks like a guy. Below is a short list of appearances Death has made in movies, ranging from the awesome…to the not so awesome. Continue reading