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The Nice Touches of Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad is full of huge moments. The start of it all, the first death, the one liners; it’s what makes Breaking Bad so good.

But there are also the times that only seem to matter at the time you’re watching it and then it becomes forgotten in lieu of such scenes as “Say my name.” It’s understandable.

So what we’re talking about are the artistic details that may as well have not been in the show, but were there anyway. And we’re better off for it, as far as the show is concerned. While everything in any good story should be

But it’s moments like the following that make it personally, one of the greatest shows of all time. Don’t expect me to get’em all. There’s just too many. Continue reading

Breaking Bad: If Only Skyler Had Gotten Out of the Way

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When Breaking Bad ended last September, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Great freaking show all around, even with a number of extras saying their lines like they were reading them off the cue card. The manufacturing of meth never seemed so exciting!

One thing I was really surprised about though was the lack of appreciation for certain core characters of the show. No matter how far down Walt sank morally, we still watched. No matter how obnoxious and grating Jesse became, we still wanted to know what happened to him.

Yet it seemed whenever Skyler had input that disapproved of Walt’s behavior or she did something was just wrong, many reacted harshly. Continue reading

MBTI: Mike Ehrmantraut- ISTP

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Who doesn’t love Mike? He’s a former cop, a murderer, a fixer, a PI, and there’s a seemingly endless list of other things he’s capable of. But as the show’s creator Vince Gilligan has said, “He knows his strengths as well as his weaknesses.”

Mike’s an ISTP without a doubt and his “Oh, well” attitude about everything, except his granddaughter should give that away. When Saul says he “knows a guy that knows a guy?” That guy is Mike. Continue reading

MBTI: Saul Goodman- ENTP

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Hi, I’m Saul Goodman. Did you know that you have rights? The constitution says you do! And so do I.

While other characters in the show are some of the greatest ever written especially considering their respective types, Saul is the most obvious of his type; playing to something of a cliche yet still well written and well acted.

Like past ENTPs discussed, Saul follows suit as the “guy who knows a guy,” “The Kramer,” etc. The guy that may play a major part in the main character’s lives but isn’t technically a main character himself. He pops in, does something crazy, and he’s on his way. Continue reading

MBTI: Hank Schrader- ESTJ

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Of all the characters that fit their types, nobody is as obvious as the ESTJ, Hank. ESTP, you say? There’s nothing more ESTJ than his life- he’s a cop, he loves sports (including fantasy football), is almost completely insensitive to those around him by way of one crude joke after another, and he owns up proudly to “Alpha Male” status.

Not much more really need to be said about the top dog Guardian, but we’ll go into it anyway. Continue reading

MBTI: Skyler White- ESFJ

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I get why Skyler is criticized. I do. She’s pretty much the only thing keeping Walt from going off the deep end entirely with no looking back, and she’s always there to remind him that what he’s doing is wrong and that’s just no fun.

Heck man, you look up “Skyler White,” and you get the related search results of “I hate Skyler” and Skyler memes that are also known as “Skyler Hypocrite” memes. We’ve seen this before. In dramatic fiction, no matter how simple the ESFJ’s needs are, there doesn’t seem to be a snowball’s chance in hell of getting what they want. Continue reading

MBTI: Jesse Pinkman- ESFP

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Many have typed “Cap’n Cook” as ISFP which isn’t too far off. But Jesse’s love of the “Bad Boy” persona and proneness to pushing the “thug life” image doesn’t really scream “The Dude.

From low-level cook to…everything else Jesse became, ESFP fits like a glove. Like a cockroach that won’t stay flushed, Jesse pops up everywhere and his emotions are always on the brim, if not bubbling over entirely. Continue reading

MBTI: Walter White- INTJ

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There may never be another INTJ in fiction written with the depth and moral complexity of Walter White. While the Keirsey name for the INTJ is “Mastermind” (A name many take to mean ‘born genius’, not accurate), Walt actually lives up to the name, though not by the stereotypical way of “rising through the ranks, flawlessly and untouchable.”

No, Walter White is definitely flawed, giving television one of the greatest shows ever made and majorly because of the characters. An INTJ that doesn’t just sit on his throne in the dark, cackling? *Gasp!* Continue reading

Breaking Bad Week

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There’s been a lack of articles on here (more or less) and it’s all Breaking Bad’s fault. I’ve been told by multiple people over the years to watch it but I have a hard time with TV shows- the commercials, the seasons, all the breaks, the waning interest due to changing writers, blah blah blah…

A big part of it is that shows tend to drag on for as long as they’re successful, which often times means the quality declines or changes are made to where it’s not the same show you were originally watching, often times for the worst.

All this being said, I began watching Breaking Bad last week and have blown through the seasons up until episode 10 of season 5, which I’m watching now (Hank, you FOOL! You overzealous FOOL!). The last episode is airing tomorrow and by God If I’m going see a bunch of spoilers on Facebook or hear it from people talking about it.

This coming week, all the types will go to Breaking Bad, as it’s not only one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, the characters are some of the most complexly written too. I have shifted responsibility every which way I could as often I could to get to this point and I’m not stopping now! Series finale, here we come!

Come back to this site next week, see a bunch of good stuff. That’s my pitch.


MBTI: The INTJ and ESFP Team-Up

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It’s a formula that’s been around since more than one man has been in existence.

It can be done right, and it can be done lazily for cheap laughs. It can be fun but it could be boring. No matter the case, pairing opposites is normally the route taken be it action, comedy, or even in reality.

But we don’t care about reality here. Psh. Obviously. Continue reading