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Casey Jones is Not a Pretty Boy

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Look, I’m not hating the guy. I’ve never seen him act and he could win all the Academy Awards for all I’m concerned. In fact, when you see him, tell him I said hi. Only thing I’m trying to say is that this boy is hot, hot, HOT! And Casey Jones is…not.

ZRE Podcast #29 TMNT And Letting Yourself Enjoy it

Cartoon Casey being crazy

MBTI: Casey Jones- ESTP

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We all know the ESTP and it’s safe to say they’re most competitive type overall. It’s also safe to say that since they’re dominant Se users, the future takes a backseat to whatever feels the most interesting at the moment.

But that’s not all their is to this type, is it? Sports n’ stuff? Well, that’s not all, no, but the approach the ESTP takes to competition of any realm is an especially notable in how serious they take it. One could even say that they make jockery an art. Casey Jones is the perfect example to use for this, not only because he’s a TMNT character, but look at him. He’s covered in sports. Continue reading