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The Problem with Christian Movies (From a Christian)

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , on 02/28/2014 by Taylor Holt


It was bound to happen. As soon as I saw the poster for the recently released Son of God movie, I knew exactly where this was going to go. Church groups would buy advanced tickets, it would be talked about by anybody that even heard a movie about Jesus was coming out.

It’s already much closer to being under the radar than Passion of the Christ was but then again, this wasn’t directed by Mel Gibson and acted in a completely different language.

And it doesn’t need to be Passion. I don’t hold that as the standard for biblical movies as much as I do the standard for movies featuring Jesus but even still, it’s difficult subject matter. But why couldn’t it have been better?

And for that matter, why can’t so-called Christian movies just be better? Continue reading