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MBTI: Shredder and Spliter- INTJ and INFJ Comparison

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“It’s only the F and the T that change, right? So these types are really a lot alike!”

…Only they’re not. For only “one letter” changing, the differences between the two make them appear hardly relatable at all, similar to the leader of the Foot Clan and the leader of the turtles. While both think in big picture planning, not much else is similar. Continue reading

MBTI: Light and Near- ENTJ and INTJ

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As far as rivalries go, there’s really only a few noteworthy examples in the massive world of fiction. It’s easy to write characters that have opposing goals but few succeed in making the antagonist and protagonist stand out in the crowded house of film, TV, and literature.

So while Death Note’s ultimate rivalry was undoubtedly between L and Light, Light’s continued battle with Near was also filled with suspense and excitement. Many take Light as an INTJ which is understandable to a point- until you meet Near. Here are some key differences and similarities between the two, as characters and their respective types.

For further reading on Light’s type, check this out. Continue reading