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MBTI: Vicious- INTJ

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While Vicious may seem like any other introvert (Quiet with dead eyes [THIS IS A JOKE]), his plan to destroy his masters and rule in their place sets him apart from other types; aside from the INTJ.

Of course, right? If they’re quiet with a plan, they’ve got to be INTJ, don’t they? We’ll get into that. Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Anime

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Ever had an interest in anime? No? I’m impressed you made it this far.

But for those of you who have been intrigued by these big eyed, spikey haired cartoons yet have never known where to start, I’m here to help.

You could call me an enthusiast becauseĀ  I’d be far from a connoisseur which is why this is the perfect article for you. Below are a few top notch shows or films to help you not only get started, but really have an idea of the kind of stories and themes you’ll come across. It’s scary, I know, but we can get through this together. You won’t have to complain about the same rebranded crap Hollywood makes because you’ve got an entirely new medium at your disposal.

There’s only nine listed, as this isn’t meant to be a top ten. Continue reading

MBTI: Spike Spiegel- ISTP

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What could sum up the entire character of the Cowboy Bebop protagonist isn’t even in the series itself, but what was said about the creation of Spike Spiegel’s name. Said producers of the show in the complex and highly complicated route they took in coming up with it- “It sounded cool.”

Spike’s lifestyle is one that affords him a simultaneous rush and laziness, which couldn’t be better suited to fit the ISTP lifestyle. Don’t confine them to a chair and computer, but don’t expect them to be searching for a rush 24/7 either.

Actually, just expect them to do whatever they feel like doing at the moment, which could also describe Spike pretty well. Continue reading

MBTI: Jet Black- ISTJ

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Who is to hold the great fishing vessel together if not for the serious-minded, ever stoical ISTJ? It ain’t the Artisans of the group and it ain’t the ENTP that would just as soon hitch a ride on another ship. Ein, maybe?

Jet’s determined to hold his ship and his crew together while at the same never passing up the chance to tell how his crew how irresponsible they are. We all know that ISTJs are Mister Fixit, but you also know that grumbling about kids keeping their pants up and how “You need to learn how to do this yourself” is their favorite catchphrase. Continue reading


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While all the characters n Cowboy Bebop have their humorous moments, intentional or otherwise, none of them embody the weirdness of the series the way the genius thirteen year old Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (the name she gave herself).

Originally intended to be a boy but made a girl for the purposed of balancing out the cast, Ed’s role in the show is usually intended for humor but her place on the Bebop can’t be denied. Continue reading

MBTI: Faye Valentine- ESTP

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If you’ve ever seen Cowboy Bebop, you know exactly the kind of character Faye is- loud, brash and selfish- but fun. A lot of forums and other sites have typed her as ENFJ, but I have no freaking idea where they would’ve gotten that from.

It’s possible they’re just trying to give each character in the show a different group; Artisan, Rational, Guardian, and Idealist. But there’s no Idealist on the Bebop and here’s why the only woman on board is Extroverted Sensor first. Continue reading

American Movies Could Learn a Thing or Two from Anime

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Growing up, I remember seeing quick flashes of Japanese cartoon in music videos or in the apartments of the hackers in film. I think even in Hackers (1995) this happens. Probably in one of the scenes that crappy grunge/techno music plays while they…y’know…hack. I remember growing up and being a little creeped out by it, the various miscellaneous screaming faces that seemed to come with the territory of anime. Every one in the shows and movies seemed to be drawn with a weird amount of detail, i.e., veins in neck, veins drawn in the eyes and always seemed to be stressed out and angry. Being that the X-Men animated series grew up watching was almost too much for my eight year old brain to comprehend, Anime was left alone.

This was also true for the first couple years in my teens. I’d thought similar things about the cartoons that I had as a kid, while a girlfriend in my later years summed up the feeling I’d had then perfectly; “Anime? Oh you mean those Japanese cartoons where people who watch them wear cat ears and draw all the time?”

I just…No. Just no.

Adult Swim aired in 2001 and had begun airing many of the cartoons that eventually led to my interest in 2004, when I first laid eyes…on Cowboy Bebop. Continue reading

5 Properties that Should NEVER be Movies

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Let’s be honest. Unless the world ends sometime very, very soon, your favorite ‘whatever’ will be made into a movie. Book, show, video game, whatever. It will be made into a movie even if it’s not called by it’s own name. No Smallville movie, no, but Superman has seen his share of screen time. No Law & Order but c’mon- there’s a million crime/thrillers already. Alan Moore deemed Watchmen (2009) unfilmable, but bam, we’ve had it for three years now.

Based on the fact that comic book movies aren’t going away and there are a hundred thousand (the exact number) other propeties to be mined, rest assured, what you love will eventually be molested by Hollywood’s grubby little fingers. Or made love to, it’s a split decision. I don’t want to act as though Hollywood does nothing justice. Dark Knight of course is the greatest example, while plenty of others get their due.

Could anyone have done Sherlock Holmes (2008) the way Guy Ritchie delivered it? Could anyone have gotten ahold of Daredevil (2003) and made it as awesome as Ben Affleck did? That last sentence was a terrible joke and I’m sorry I typed it, but in all honesty, Daredevil is part of the reason I’m writing this. Such a great character with basic, creative plots, and we get a cross eyed Ben Affleck making kissy-face with his future wife.

This was supposed to be my favorite character brought to life, using his crazy senses, flipping off buildings and throwing rapists through glass windows in bars, not picking out his next wife.

But for better or worse, the next properties mentioned ultimately remain untouched. Mostly. I bring them to light not to say that Hollywood couldn’t make them in one way or another- but that they just shouldn’t. Continue reading