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Greatest Rivalries- Daredevil and Bullseye

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As for the last entry of Unintentional Daredevil Week, I’d like to point out a major character that got no love in the Netflix series, yet is undoubtedly a fan favorite. I’m not complaining that Bullseye didn’t make an appearance or even get a mention; there’s no need to rush things.

But all the same, since I’ve been on the topic, it’d be cool to go over what makes Daredevil and Bullseye such great enemies. I’ve boiled it down to three main reasons. Continue reading

Essential Daredevil Reading

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Warning! Spoilers may occur!

Now that I’ve finished season one of Daredevil and can openly talk about my sightless hero without ridicule, it’s time to hit you up with some Daredevil goodies. The literary kind. Continue reading

Daredevil Season 1, Episodes 8-13 Review

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Warning! Spoilers may occur!

Well, it’s done. I did it. I finished the show. Hooray for me.

Here are the thoughts. Continue reading

Daredevil Season 1, Episodes 1-7 Review

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Warning! Spoilers may occur!

It’s been a while since the Man without Fear has graced us with his presence. It only makes sense, seeing how bad the 2003 movie was.

And it’s what’s had my teeth clinched since I’d heard Marvel Studios had the rights back and wanted to give Daredevil another go. And after deciding to make it into a Netflix series, we don’t have to wait week after week to see what happens and all thirteen episodes are available now. Here’s a look at how the first seven episodes have gone. Continue reading

MBTI: Daredevil & Elektra- ISTP

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The ultimate ISTP couple! Come one, come all! See this rare spectacle in truly miserable form!

While Daredevil has always been a favorite of mine and Elektra has been “Eh,” this seemed like too good of an opportunity to be missed.

The couple represents the two sides of the same Crafter coin that few examples in fiction get a chance to show at the same time- the angry side and the cold side. You can guess who is who. Continue reading

Just Let It Happen, Fox

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A short, but necessary article today, from a movie lover. When I say article, I mean a ‘desperate plea’ to the studios. Several movie news web sites are reporting that rights on my childhood favorite Marvel character, Daredevil, are about to go back to Marvel. Which sounds awesome, right? They’re the reason all the Avengers films have been so good, because they’re giving a crap about their characters, rather than just dumping a movie onto the first A-list actor that shows interest. Well, now reports are saying that Marvel doesn’t want to Daredevil back, which makes me want to scream. Continue reading

Freaking Comic Book Movies

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There are a lot of comic book movies these days. That’s pretty obvious, yes, but there are even more than some people probably realize because a lot of them aren’t superheroes. 2010’s Red, AMC’s Walking Dead, the ultimate display in mediocrity with Cowboys & Aliens. There’s just a nonstop flow of them and if you couldn’t tell, it probably won’t stop till Armageddon.

For good reason too, because they make a crap-ton of money. Avengers has crossed the billion dollar mark, along with all its counterpart films making well over their budget as well. Amazing Spider-man is also sure to do some pretty good business even with the exhausted sigh of many fans who are still reeling from 2007’s third installment which seemed to ruin the series’ name in the long run. Continue reading