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ZRE Podcast #20- Questions!

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good question now and again? Me personally, I like to sit down by a warm fire with some scalding hot cocoa and when I spill it onto my crotch scream at the sky “WHY?? WHY?!?!?”

But that’s for another time. Today on the podcast, we tackle a few things, only one of which is actually current in today’s fast paced news world. Come in and take a seat, hot cocoa is on the way. Continue reading

MBTI: Ra’s Al Ghul- INFJ

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Who else but the INFJ could train a god among men such as Batman? Who? Who, I ask you!


Ra’s al Ghul isn’t your run-of-the-mill super villain, nor are any of Batman’s foes. But Ra’s is cast in a different light due to several major reasons. Reasons only an Idealist would have in mind when they become as twisted as the other criminals in Gotham. Heck, he’s not even in Gotham when he faces Batman half the time.

Take notes here. This is the rare INFJ villain. Continue reading

MBTI: Two-Face- ESTJ

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Of all the villains in all of fiction, none represent the steadfastness and the parallel line that divides the ESTJ mind better than Batman’s enemy, Harvey “Two-Face” Dent; mentally and physically.

His type seems unfitting of the “intuitive” world that Batman thrives in, but it’s only natural.

Not only is ESTJ one of the more common types, their minds work in a hot and cold way that tells them to obey the rules and govern the people…only to turn around and believe themselves above those same laws. Continue reading

Freaking Comic Book Movies

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There are a lot of comic book movies these days. That’s pretty obvious, yes, but there are even more than some people probably realize because a lot of them aren’t superheroes. 2010’s Red, AMC’s Walking Dead, the ultimate display in mediocrity with Cowboys & Aliens. There’s just a nonstop flow of them and if you couldn’t tell, it probably won’t stop till Armageddon.

For good reason too, because they make a crap-ton of money. Avengers has crossed the billion dollar mark, along with all its counterpart films making well over their budget as well. Amazing Spider-man is also sure to do some pretty good business even with the exhausted sigh of many fans who are still reeling from 2007’s third installment which seemed to ruin the series’ name in the long run. Continue reading

Here Comes a New Challenger!

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I say this as more of a fact that’s soon to be proven rather than a prediction, but what Iron Man was to Dark Knight in ’08, Avengers will be that to Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Iron Man and Avengers are fun, great comic book movies that are the best of their genre while¬†Nolan’s trilogy has/will¬†transcend the comic sub-genre. As far as comics go, I’ve always been Marvel hands down, but as far as movies go, DC’s new Batman movies alone make me want to side with them. Marvel seems to be quantity over quality. Then again, DC created last year’s monstrosity, Green Lantern. Even still, I’m all about the rivalry.