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Eli Wallach, 98, Passed Away

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For the last few years, the man credited as “The Oldest Living Actor” Eli Wallach, born December 7, 1915, died today of natural causes. He’s most notable for his roles in films such as The Magnificent Seven, and The Godfather: Part III as well as one other that hardly even needs to be said.

For me and many others, he’s always held a distinct place in cinematic history due to his role as Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez or rather “The Ugly” in Sergio Leone’s 1966 Spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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Aunt May Needs to Die Already

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I’ve read multiple stories over the years in various mediums and wouldn’t ya know it, I eventually wrote some stories of my own! And let me tell you, nothing sets a reader/viewer/listener (for those of you who like that Adventure radio) on edge than that tasty prospect of DEATH.

So when characters either can’t die, or can just as easily come back, who cares anymore? Not me! Keep reading or I’ll kill you. Continue reading

Hollywood Passing

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Written by Bryce Waller

This past Saturday night, as I was wallowing in self-pity after the Alabama loss, I heard the news about Paul Walker’s passing. With all the recent hoaxes concerning Hollywood deaths, I didn’t take this one as fact at first. It wasn’t until an hour later that I learned Walker’s publicist had confirmed the death.

Just like that Walker was gone and life was put back in perspective for me; Alabama’s loss didn’t mean anything anymore. Continue reading

Death is a Pale, White Guy…Usually.

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After having invested so much time in Death Note, it seemed an interesting idea of a grim reaper-type figure just following you around all day. Even weirder is the idea that death would show up to tell you that you’re dead and now, you gotta go with him.

Death is a pretty wacky thing. You’re born, you start to die, then you die. What a cycle! So it’s not that crazy for the personification of death to have a few weird tendencies himself. Death comes in many forms, but a lot of times he just looks like a guy. Below is a short list of appearances Death has made in movies, ranging from the awesome…to the not so awesome. Continue reading