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When to Criticize and When to SHUT UP

Posted in Whatever with tags , , on 07/10/2014 by Taylor Holt


Out here on the internet, you’re bound to run into some pretty cruel things. If it’s not the content itself that offends you as it seems what makes up half of Tumblr I’m finding out, it’s the people themselves. Boy, oh boy, they sure can be mean!

“Now, I’m no idiot…” Is how I could start this off, but then you’d probably just write me off as an idiot. So instead I’ll start off by saying that online arguing is never going to stop, because arguing is never going to stop in reality. I’m not expecting an applause for knowing this because it’s common sense. I’m just stating that in writing this I’m well aware that my writing alone isn’t going to change much or keep thirteen year old children from calling everyone “fagit” on Youtube or racial epithets on Call of Duty 12: Suck My War. Continue reading