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MBTI: Debra Morgan- ENFP

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It only makes sense for Debra to be the complete inverse of her brother Dexter in…Dexter.

The subject of much debate, Debra’s personality becomes clearer the longer the show goes on. While the description of her personality on the Dexter Wiki is a little muddled (Let’s start using that word more often, shall we?), it still paints a pretty clear picture of someone that runs on emotion, instinct, possibilities, and teamwork.

Also, she jumps from partner to partner…just puttin’ that out there… Continue reading

MBTI: Dexter- ISTJ

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So wrong it’s right. Or should it be the other way around? Surely, a character that’s as well prepared, cunning and devious to match has to be a type more complex, right?


Dexter is all Si and I would say it’s just good writing that it seems he would be anything else. At least in the earlier seasons. Continue reading