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Theory: Drive’s Heroism and Reincarnation

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Potential Spoilers for Drive, Valhalla Rising, and Only God Forgives

No matter how complex a story is, if it can’t be boiled down to a basic line or two, your movie might lose its audience. A lot of movies can seem complicated when it’s really about something easy to grasp with the details just making it its own.

And while Drive really is pretty simple (This driver tries to save a woman and her son from the mob), it’s movies that are simple on the surface that are the most open to interpretation in what they’re really about. Here’s an alternate take, or rather an elaboration, on the story of Drive. Continue reading

MBTI: The Driver- ISTP

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If you haven’t seen Drive yet and you consider yourself a king or queen of film, you need to dethrone yourself. Enter whatever pun you want there, I set you up.

While many movies could be type as an “ESTP movie” or “definitely a Guardian movie,” Drive is pretty much the ultimate ISTP film. Steady, moody, violent and subtle with occasional bursts of action (but notice there are no explosions), this says it all about the ISTP. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: Drive

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Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston

Rated R for strong, brutal, bloody violence, language and some nudity 2011, Drama/Action/ Noir

Compare to: Payback (1999), Brick (2005)

On one hand, Drive has already received enough critical praise as well as making five times it’s fairly low budget (profit of $75 million on a $15 million budget). On the other hand, much of the less vocal movie-going audience weren’t satisfied and so much so that it feels reasonable to add this to You Gotta See This. It’s also part 2 to my “Movies from 2011 that didn’t get as much attention as they should have,” the first being the Fright Night remake. Drive is like that meal you eat that isn’t light, but it doesn’t make you want to throw up everything you just ate from being too heavy. It’s just right. Continue reading