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Let Celebrities Decide Your Vote

Posted in Videos! with tags , , , , , on 09/27/2016 by McCutcheon

If you don’t think voting is rigged to begin with, make the most of it and actually look into the policies of the candidates rather than listen to three minutes of Joss Whedon using celebrities to try and manipulate you. For some reason they think anyone old enough to vote will listen to them.


Election Season/Batman V. Spider-Man

Posted in Videos! with tags , , , on 06/10/2016 by McCutcheon

Vote for who you want to vote for or don’t vote at all, it is what it is. Just stop being such a little jerk-wad about it.

Also I talk about the importance of realizing DC’s Greatest Detective would have his skull crushed by your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Y’know- the important stuff.