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Essential Daredevil Reading

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , on 04/16/2015 by Taylor Holt


Warning! Spoilers may occur!

Now that I’ve finished season one of Daredevil and can openly talk about my sightless hero without ridicule, it’s time to hit you up with some Daredevil goodies. The literary kind. Continue reading

MBTI: Daredevil & Elektra- ISTP

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The ultimate ISTP couple! Come one, come all! See this rare spectacle in truly miserable form!

While Daredevil has always been a favorite of mine and Elektra has been “Eh,” this seemed like too good of an opportunity to be missed.

The couple represents the two sides of the same Crafter coin that few examples in fiction get a chance to show at the same time- the angry side and the cold side. You can guess who is who. Continue reading