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MBTI: Doctor Doom- INTJ

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It was only a matter of time before DOOM showed up. Specifically, while I was writing the last Fantastic Four post and it only made sense to throw him in. He’s one of the greatest villains of all time and his mind, the greatest.

He runs his own country, has countless minions, and a bunch of happy-go-lucky morons as his enemies that just happen to get the best of him, but never his ego. Even his name is the prototypical Super-villain title. It’s time again, to talk about the INTJ. Continue reading

MBTI: The Fantastic Four

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Everybody’s favorite family in comics make up the perfect example of the four temperaments in a way that’s so well established, it’s not a wonder they’ve been around as long as they have.

I’m not a huge fan but the way this comes together is too good a chance to resist. These are the comic characters, by the way. Not those awful movies. Though I’m not sure how much changed in the translation, I just know that the movies sucked. Continue reading

Just Let It Happen, Fox

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A short, but necessary article today, from a movie lover. When I say article, I mean a ‘desperate plea’ to the studios. Several movie news web sites are reporting that rights on my childhood favorite Marvel character, Daredevil, are about to go back to Marvel. Which sounds awesome, right? They’re the reason all the Avengers films have been so good, because they’re giving a crap about their characters, rather than just dumping a movie onto the first A-list actor that shows interest. Well, now reports are saying that Marvel doesn’t want to Daredevil back, which makes me want to scream. Continue reading