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5 Properties that Deserve Movies (But Aren’t Gonna Get It)

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This article serves as something of a sequel to my 2012 article 5 Properties that Should Never be Made into Movies. Or maybe its Bizarro brother.

We’re all fans of those things that will never be made into movies. As great as it is to know Hollywood isn’t going to pillage some of our favorite things because they’re too obscure or the budget would be huge, there are some things that would just be cool if they could just nail it.

But alas, for one reason of another, it just doesn’t seem likely for the following entries. Maybe its better this way. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Continue reading

MBTI: Turanga Leela- ESTJ

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Who ever thought a cyclops would thought of as being hot? Matt Groening, evidently.

A great fighter, captain of the Planet Express ship and self-proclaimed leader of the crew, Leela doesn’t really have any other options but to be the hot-and-cold bossiest type there is. She’s disgusted by Fry, she’s love him. She’s hard to get to know with her roundhouse kicks to the face, then she’s breaking down and crying. Continue reading