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MBTI: Game of Thrones’ Houses

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It’s always interesting, the idea that your lineage would have a symbol for them and you. What would yours be? Everybody would like to think it would be as awesome as a wolf or dragon but somebody’s got to end up with an open palm holding flower petals right?

Well this isn’t giving a sigil to types but typing the houses already in play in Game of Thrones. What are the proud Lannisters and the secluded and stubborn Greyjoys? See if you agree. Continue reading

Game of Thrones, Season 5 Review

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Holy crap what a season! It started off slow enough but it definitely picked up toward the end. Part of the reason for not doing reviews on previous seasons aside from the first one, and which I may have mentioned before, is that spoilers are so rampant on the internet for these sort of things I was sick of having season 5-level spoilers due to the books because I’m searching for a picture for a character of season 2.

Anyway, we’re all on the same page now, no pun intended. And my emotions are just….well, I’ll just sum it up with this picture and smash a bunch of keys repeatedly for the remainder of the article. Continue reading

MBTI: Margaery Tyrell- ENFJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

We need more NF love on this site, don’t we? I mean, sure, every other site like this one is run by an NF woman that claims every other character as NF, but that doesn’t mean I should be so neglectful. Truth is, as you could probably tell, most of the stuff I watch is all about SP heroes taking down NT villains. And throw in some SJ authorities cleaning up the messes. Sorry SJs.

But sticking to the subject, the Tyrells are an interesting family to throw into the GoT world, even without Margaery; her brother, father, and grandmother all lend a certain lighthearted style to their scenes and the sigil of a rose definitely stands out from wolves, stags, lions and dragons.

But the most unique aspect with Margaery herself is that every time we think we’re going to see her go back on her word or do something as despicable as the majority of the other characters would do…she does the opposite. Continue reading

MBTI: Stannis Baratheon- ISTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Didn’t we just do an ISTJ like, last week maybe? Doesn’t matter, Stannis is marching through. If you don’t like it, too bad.

This is the way he lives and practically all we know of Stannis. If this guy wants something, stone-cold logic dictates that he bulldoze through anyone that would oppose him and take it. I try to leave spoilers out of the introduction so let’s get to it! Continue reading

MBTI: Jorah Mormont- ISFJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!


It’s funny that ISTP and ISFJ could ever be confused. For the first season or so, Jorah seemed like shoe-in for ISTP. The guy was quiet, somewhat brooding, good with a sword, and only seemed to care about a couple people due to his job. This could be several types but will usually speak to ISTP characters.

But as the seasons went on, more of Jorah’s personality has been able to come out to eventually reveal a more full picture and allow me to properly type Ser Jorah in all his friendzoned glory. Continue reading

MBTI: Game of Thrones

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Well, it’s been a ride but I’m finally done with

Just kidding. But for now, Game of Thrones characters have been typed and though there are plenty of other important characters introduced and that will be introduced, we’ll add as we go along.

Here’s a quick directory for anyone needing a shortcut. Continue reading

MBTI: Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger- INTJ or ENTP?

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Written in part by Rebecca Shortman

Blast you, Littlefinger! As unpredictable and mysterious as he is in the show goes double for viewers in real life. While many have typed Petyr Baelish as INTJ, in a recent article I’ve typed him as ENTP. Though through an INFP’s argument (Rebecca!), the case was presented convincingly enough to merit a discussion of Lord Baelish’s Ni or Ne preferences.

So is he the Mastermind behind many of the shows biggest events? Or the Inventor of the chaos hoping to be the last man standing when the smoke clears? A little bit of both from the way I just worded it, but let’s go into more detail. Continue reading

MBTI: Theon Greyjoy- ESFP

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Wow, Game of Thrones week sure has turned into three, hasn’t it? Longest week ever. And I’m sure everyday Theon spends with Ramsay feels like an eternity as well. See how I tied that in there?

Theon went from royalty of the lowest order, to the Stark family errand boy…skip a few steps and now he’s basically Renfield from Dracula. Gah, it’s been a depressing journey for him. But Theon represents a side of the ESFP nobody wants to know. He’s selfish and vain, yet doesn’t have the royalty Joffrey has on his side, but rather a sort of “hand-me-down” lineage. Continue reading

MBTI: Tywin Lannister- ENTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

It’s not easy being king, as Tywin Lannister and ENTJs know. While neither are actually kings, they know where real power lies and they use it to the best of their ability. Lead, follow, or get out of the way means that they lead, and everyone else get out of their way so that they can follow.

Tywin’s presence throughout the show is so powerful that every decision he makes creates a resounding impact. And not one that he influences before stepping back into the shadows and watching the dominoes fall, but one he slowly moves along, making sure everything goes the way he wants it to. Continue reading

MBTI: Catelyn, Sansa and Robb Stark- ESFJ and ISTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

It’s not really a secret who runs the world. While rarer Intuitives may have a hand in it, it’s the SJs that keep rules, regulations and traditions in place. For better and worse.

And Ned Stark’s mostly SJ family show their traits of tradition and order throughout the majority of the episodes they’re in, excluding Arya and Jon of course; who have kept the principles but exnayed on the tradition. Continue reading