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MBTI: Type You’d Most Wanna…SJ and NF

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There are a lot of goods and bads to each type. Of course, right? But it’s not like there are any awards for this stuff, it’s pretty much just some weird idea floating around the internet these days. It’s in some books too but I’ve almost forgotten what those are.

So when it comes down to it, who’s the best at what? Who would you most rather have at your side when some frat guy starts talking trash to you in front of your girlfriend? Who’s the type you want backing you up when some dude gives you a snotty look when he’s hanging out with his girlfriend? And why does everything have to be about fighting?

It doesn’t! There’s more variety after the jump! Continue reading

MBTI: The Wizard of OZ

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Hopefully you’re familiar with Keirsey and the absolutely bangin’ work he’d done over the course of his 91-year life. Keirsey passed away last July but isn’t that normally when a person’s work really begins to become appreciated?

For all the character typing we’ve done, much of the research goes back to Keirsey as well as the idea for typing characters in the first place. And who did Keirsey use as model for his different groups? The Wizard of OZ of course. Each of the core characters played a specific part in the story much like each group (no matter who annoys you the most) plays an important role in society. Continue reading

MBTI: Where to Spot Your Type in Film- Guardians (SJ)

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As mentioned in an article I just wrote, ESTPs and ISTPs are overly presented in fiction. It’s only right, really. They use their guns and their quick thinking to make the most “explosive” (boooo) action movies to date. But what about the other types? What roles do they play? They’re all over the place and you’ve always seen them; stereotyped characters are mostly the stereotypes in type theory.

You’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

A Video that in No Way Involves Movies

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This is me going off for a good eight minutes about a certain Myers Briggs type. Since, like the title states, it has nothing to do with movies I wasn’t going to post it but the Myers Briggs: Batman type listing I posted has gotten a pretty good bit a views, thought I might as well throw it on here. You can always count on Batman. Except that Robin who died. If nothing else, you can now see and hear, as well as read, how truly scatterbrained I am. And for good measure, another Myers Briggs listing.