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Happy Halloween, I Guess

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So it’s that time of year again. I generally love Halloween in part because you really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to and there’s no pressure. Unlike Christmas where the idea of not celebrating means you’re a horrible person.

But after so many years of failed costume contests and smashing pumpkins through people’s windows, I think this year is a year for me to say, “Eh.” I’ve watched Sleep Hollow so many times that it even being brought up this made me shake my head which is also what I did last year when my girlfriend wanted to watch it.

It’s a great movie and maybe Burton’s best, but I’ve just had it up to here with it. Anyway, here are some Halloween-related articles I wrote last year. I’d planned on doing some this year but then I quickly got my fill after a few haunted houses and my favorite Horror Movies.

Evil Dead II and The Frighteners, along with The Omen, Drag Me to Hell, and of course…the end all, be all- The Exorcist. AHHHHH!

Unsung Horror Heroes

Unsung Horror Villains

Watching a Ton fo Horror Movies- May be Depressed (A cry for help)

MBTI: Evil Dead’s Ash and Type Changing (Why we don’t change type)

MBTI: Horror Villains  (A list of typed Horror characters)

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

MBTI: Horrorific Heroes (Typing Horror characters that you really can’t type)

MBTI: Sally- INFP     MBTI: Blade- ISTP     MBTI: Ghostbusters     MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP

If you want to know what I’ll be watching tonight, check out this clip from Mosquito. It’s about a bunch of mosquitos that happen to draw blood from dead aliens and it makes them huge. Yes, it’s fantastic in every way.

Happy Halloween, People

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Watch out for those razorblades. Fun fact- most candy that was ever poisoned was by the parents of the children who ingested it. Not meant to be super-morbid, it’s just interesting that the most offenders of such a crime would be the ones that are supposed to be protecting you.

I’ve also always wondered how anybody would ever eat an apple with blades in it being that it’s freaking Halloween and you’re supposed to be eating candy. Jeez, people, get it right.

Unsung Horror Heroes

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The chin of a hero

Out of all the villains in Horror, and there are a lot, who talks about the heroes. We all know about how great Ash of the Evil Dead series is. After the Freddy VS. Jason movie was released, it seems it wasn’t enough to have the Horror Heavyweights alone battle it out and people wanted Ash to have a go at the both of them, that’s how bad he is and people know it. Dude, his hand was evil until he CUT IT OFF HIMSELF and added a chainsaw to it. He’s awesome. Sam Loomis is another one, as the psychiatrist out to stop Michael Myers, or at least warn anyone who will listen.

But what about the even smaller heroes of Horror? Outside of the genre, people don’t necessarily know about Ash. So it goes without saying that the characters less popular than him are not only not going to be making hand prints in cement, but possibly not even in the mud. Who are these unsung heroes of Horror? Click to find out. Oh, and just surviving isn’t good enough. You’ve got to battle the forces of evil rather than just not die. Continue reading

Watching a Ton of Horror Movies- May be Depressed

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At my crotchety age, I don’t have all the time in the world to celebrate Halloween the way young whippersnappers do, eating candy, destroying their teeth and other people’s property, so I’ve just watched Horror movies throughout the month of October. That way, regardless of whether or not I end up going out that year to celebrate, I can say that I’ve taken notice of the holiday in one way or another.

Below is a short list of the movies I’ve watched so far and the ones I’m getting to. Suggestions for any lesser known titles are welcome. Keep in mind, I’m not saying everything I’ve watched is good, I’m just saying I viewed it. Continue reading

Killers You Can Touch

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Boo! Tee hee, got you!

A question that gets brought up every so often among Horror fans and people who just happen to be there is one of never ending debate: What’s scarier to you, the supernatural villain, or the real, physical, unstoppable murderer? Both have their turrible traits while some people can be divided once the topic is brought up.

One seems real and immediate but to the people who find reality more disturbing, they’ll turn the supernatural into something that doesn’t affect them. Those who see ghosts and demons as more of a threat are more likely to view serial killers and their weapons as something they can deal with and trivial in comparison. This post will be discussing more of the “real” villains, the physical and tangible. Continue reading

Unsung Horror Villains

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This loser’s usually hogging all the spotlight.

It’s tough being a villain in a Horror movie these days. If you’re not a dead Japanese girl standing in your soaking wet jammie jams, nobody seems to take you seriously anymore. Back when, it used to be guys who liked killing stupid teenagers in unthinkably violent acts(Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween). Occasionally we’ll get the genius who uses his powers to set up traps or create master plans that their person of interest falls into but that’s rare(The Saw series, The Collector).

Then there are the guys who, it doesn’t matter the era, just don’t get any respect. Many times they’re more distinct and maybe even likable enough that they might not be thought of as a villain in the traditional sense, but when it comes down to it, they definitely ain’t good no matter their intention.

Below are a few of the guys who just don’t get enough respect in their genre or anywhere else, for that matter. Continue reading

October, Baby

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The true official drink of serial killers. NOT Tab.

Weeeee! Since today marks the first day of October (at the time that I’m writing this anyway), this month is going to be filled with Horror/Thriller/Suspense themed articles. For the most part, the only posts that won’t be Halloween-themed are the reviews, including occasionally leaving links to older articles to Horror films I’ve already covered. What, it’s not laziness. These take time to write, dang.

Here’s an overview of The Frighteners. It’s on my Top 5 of all time and one of the first I wrote back in February. Here’s to this October being a good one.