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I’m Not Done with Suicide Squad

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Though they should have been taking out despotic rulers guarded by super assassins, the #Sqwad spent their time accidentally meeting up with the Joker for a few minutes and going to the Enchantress light show. Maybe next time?

Suicide Squad was Cool. Maybe Too Cool

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I think this was my longest video ever before I got to editing this beast. So many conflicting thoughts on what is and what shoulda been. Ultimately we got what everybody inferred from the original picture released; Garbage Pail Expendables.

How to be an Idiot by Pretending to be a Character

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We all want to be somebody we’re not at times. Whether it’s because they’re hot, they’re cool, or simply because we want to know what it’s like to be not us, we’ve all been there.

Unfortunately many of us opt for the less heroic of idols and you make me hate you because of it. Don’t ruin great characters by pretending to be them. We can’t compare.

Side Note: Your friends hate your ‘Stewie’ impression.

MBTI: Harley Quinn- ESFP

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Sorry, Intuitives, nothing “N” about the Joker’s girlfriend. Extraverted Sensing is Quinn’s buddy; much more than Extraverted Intuition.

The Clown Prince of Crime’s girlfriend is the perfect combination of endless optimism- and a never-ending supply of crazy. Yet fans love her.

Sounds like ESFP to me. Continue reading