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Why Hollywood is Still Whitewashing

Posted in Whatever with tags on 11/24/2014 by Taylor Holt


21 (2008). Avatar (2009). The Prince of Persia (2010). And this December’s Exodus. What do they all have in common? White boys galore. Specifically, white boys galore where other races could have been cast.

While I myself am a Leave it to Beaver-loving honky, I’m not immune to the cries of much of the public when it comes to the whitewashing Hollywood has always taken part in. Though it’s forms have changed throughout the years, from blackface and John Wayne playing Genghis Khan in The Conqueror  to a simple ‘tweak’ of a character’s race from script to screen, I’m here to lay it out for you.

Why would I write an article that’s dangerously close to rationalizing why Hollywood prefers whites over everyone else? Well, screaming “White privilege!” really doesn’t mean anything to anyone that doesn’t spend eight hours a day on Tumblr. But putting your finger on the reasons behind an issue is more likely to help us correct the problem, once we understand what’s going on. Isn’t it? Continue reading