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MBTI: Being Sure of Your Type

Posted in MBTI Whatever with tags , on 07/31/2014 by Taylor Holt


To take away from the message that might come across as too serious or judgmental to some, all pictures in this post are Calvin and Hobbes strips of characters talking out of their butts.

In my experience (I’ve got like, so much), there are a lot of people out there who don’t know themselves very well. It’s not a sin, per se, but in the world of MBTI, knowing yourself and all that comes with that big ol’ mess that you are, it’s key to understand others so you should get acquainted with yourself too.

Yet there are still those who not only don’t quite have a grasp on it, they’re persistent in spreading what they don’t know to others. What does this do? It creates more confusion, that’s what it does.

But how can we be sure of our type? Well there are several ways. Continue reading