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Review: The Pirates!” Band of Misfits

Posted in Reviews! with tags , , , , on 04/30/2012 by McCutcheon

Stars: Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Imelda Staunton

Rated PG for mild action, rude humor, and some language. Running time 88 minutes, Comedy/Family/Adventure

Plays like: Wallace and Gromit & the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005), Over the Hedge (2006)

It’s not really a surprise what anyone thinks of when pirates come to mind these days. Johnny Depp, mascara, something else from The Pirates of the Caribbean. So it’s actually kind of a surprise to me that anybody would bother with a movie involving pirates at all. Nevertheless, Aardman Productions, the people behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run have decided to take on this task, and they have done it well. Continue reading