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The Art of Humberto Ramos

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Of all the reasons to like comic books, the art is most of it. If you don’t like comics for the art, why do you like comics in the first place? Go read a book with no pictures, loser!

And while many great artists stretch the limits of what it seems like the infamous medium would normally do, some strike that perfect balance of dynamism, fluidity, and style. This is what legendary comics’ artist Humberto Ramos does. While keeping with the splash page frenzy of the 90s, where style was held waaay over substance, Ramos still manages to tell a story with each and every panel.

Below is a small collection of his art. See what you think. Continue reading

Goodbye Otto!: The Superior Spider-Man Overview and the Return of Parker

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While the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 evidently deals with the creation of the Sinister Six, the comics are, of course, a little past such events.

While comics are bound to circle back to the villainous squad, checking out the most recent events of Amazing Spider-Man are filled with enough changes to make a new reader’s head spin. Why would his head spin because things are different from the movie? I don’t know, I’m not a biologist and science is tricky.

So when somebody does pick up the more recent issues, here’s a recall of some of the noteworthy events going on, leading up to The Amazing Spider-Man in Marvel Now! and the film, releasing May 2. Continue reading