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MBTI: Gandalf- INFJ

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There’s really so many options for the wisest of all Middle-earthlings.  While many believe him to be INTJ, there’s not enough logic and coldness to his character to be of the Rational group. He’s similar to Jedi in many respects; wise, powerful, caretaker of those weaker than him.

As before, “wise” is a key word when it comes to Idealists, none more so than INFJs, the Counselor. I’m closing any debate! Continue reading

MBTI: ….and the Movies, Part II

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Ever get annoyed when you love a movie so much, but when you talk to a friend about it, they not only hated it, but they think you’re weird for liking it? They might not have even seen it, but they can’t stand “those types of movies.”

Little frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, allow me to help you out. When you type what a person is, this may give you a better idea of that person’s taste in movies.

C’mon, everyone! Follow me! WEEEEEEEEE- Continue reading

MBTI: Debra Morgan- ENFP

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It only makes sense for Debra to be the complete inverse of her brother Dexter in…Dexter.

The subject of much debate, Debra’s personality becomes clearer the longer the show goes on. While the description of her personality on the Dexter Wiki is a little muddled (Let’s start using that word more often, shall we?), it still paints a pretty clear picture of someone that runs on emotion, instinct, possibilities, and teamwork.

Also, she jumps from partner to partner…just puttin’ that out there… Continue reading

MBTI: Jean Grey- ENFJ

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jgIf any type were to get limitless, planet-destroying, mind powers, we should all hope it would be the ENFJ.

Nobody needs that kind of power but if someone’s gonna take the mantle, my vote is on them.

While Jean Grey’s character has gone through so many changes over the years that it’s a bit hard to get a grip on her personality, her underlying traits are always regarded as helpful, loyal, caring, and strong.

Emotionally, I’m sure, as she keeps the traditional comic book female look of weighing about 115lbs at 5’6. Continue reading


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One of my favorite movies of 2011, Rango is actually pretty fitting as an ENFP morality tale altogether.

While Rango the formerly nameless chameleon is attempting to convince the entire town of Dirt, he runs the gamut of ENFP strengths and weaknesses in one of the greatest cartoons ever made. Continue reading

MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP

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Wouldn’t it be the INFP to balance out the force in the universe? It would have to be. At least an Idealist anyway. Guardians in Star Wars are all in the senate or farming, Artisans are all bounty hunters and gamblers, and the Rationals are all Sith.

So it’s fitting most of the Jedi are in the Idealist group.

Purpose-seeking, solitary yet friendly, creative and justly described as spiritual, INFPs were born to be Jedi. Continue reading

MBTI: Nightcrawler- INFP

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If there were ever an X-Men to fit a type better than INFP than Nightcrawler, they’ve never been published. Nightcrawler’s happy yet somber attitude toward his fellow mutant is not only his trademark, but a perfect fictionalized INFP.

Fun and concerned for the common man, and INFP may display their devotion in a similar fashion. Born into a circus (more or less) and perfectly suited for it, Nightcrawler later chose the life of a priest despite his appearance as a sort of blue demon. Only an INFP would be so conflicted.

Continue reading

MBTI: Know Your NFs!

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Too much...happy...

Too much…happy…

It can be tough sometimes to know the difference between your Extraverted Idealists and your Introverted ones. They’re all so…humanity-minded…

Lucky for you, there’s fiction! Continue reading