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What is Tokyo Ghost?

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With this Summer being full of disappointments onscreen, why not take things back to the simpler time of 2189 where technology, big business, government, and the entertainment industry all collide and morally decay everything around it? Enter Tokyo Ghost, one of Image Comics’ best stories to date.

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Do You Know Luther Strode?

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Wrote an article on this, but since I just finished the series because the series just finished, I wanted to speak a little more on the teachings of Strode.

Written by Justin Jordan, penciled by Tradd Moore, and colored by Felipe Sobreiro, if you’ve ever had the inclination to pick up a comic book, this should be an eye-opener.

You Should Probably Read STARVE

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Another Image book, Taylor? Really?

Yeah, fool. It’s good. I don’t know what story I’d previously mentioned when I said that you know it’s good when the creators can make you care about something you never thought you’d care about. But let me use that again. I’ve never cared about cooking and I normally read comics for the art and the violence. But Starve is an exception to any “rules” I’ve had before. Continue reading

MBTI: Monster Girl- ESFP

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As the perfect opposite to her former love, Robot, Monster Girl is also known as Amanda. Amanda can change into a giant green monster (ta-da) which increases her speed, stamina, strength and just about anything else the Hulk can do. Except she’s not the Hulk, she’s a monster.

Another creative character from the Invincible universe, Amanda’s age in human form has a reverse effect every time she turns into the beast the world so often needs. So while she had been forty-two mentally, she was in her 20s when we first meet her and she was only getting younger. Guess she shouldn’t have made fun of that gypsy. Continue reading

MBTI: Angstrom Levy- INTJ

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I love this guy. You can’t help but get into a character that plays the world-ruling supervillain trope straight but parodies it at the same time. Angstrom Levy is part Doctor Doom, part Brainiac, all megalomaniac.

If you haven’t made yourself familiar with Invincible comics yet, I shame you and your father! Continue reading

Three Image Comics You Need to Read- NOW

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If you know me at all (I like to think of us as the symbiote suit, or maybe even a cult) then you know I like comics. It’s not even about reading a thousand a week or being obsessed, but the medium itself interests me.

And while I’ve always been a Marvel Man (and sometimes a Marvel girl), occasionally I’ll come across something that’s outside of my normal reading habits and man, can they take you by surprise.

Below are three books that you should check out, even if you’re not into comics. Continue reading