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The Japanese love TJ types don’t they? To-the-point, walk softly and carry a big sword types especially. Of course Intuitive types love to claim him, but look at how this guy operates- without a master, he’s lost. That’s the whole point of his character, despite what he says.

Jin’s a stoic and the perfect foil to Mugen’s unorthodox and rebellious style. Maybe the greatest swordsman in the entire series and it’s all thanks to his rigid discipline. He’s like a male Mikasa. Continue reading

MBTI: Can Ultron be Typed?

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With The Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing in a couple months, it means people are going to be searching for Ultron’s MBTI. And it means they’ll be finding my page. Oh, the views will be glorious.

Unfortunately for those who like their answers black and white (I’m lookin’ at the TJs), too bad. Though Ultron seems to have motives, ideas, goals, etc., is it really him or is it the programming? Are they all original thoughts or are they the offshoots of his creator, Hank Pym? Or Tony Stark, for those familiar with the film.

We’ll also be going over some of the other bigger characters Marvel has to offer; the ones whose power reaches such impossible heights that to add a personality to them seems limiting. Is it?

Continue reading

MBTI: Ebenezer Scrooge- ISTJ

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It really would take the ghosts of past, present, and future to change the stubborn mind of an ISTJ. About as surprising Thorin, Dredd, or most other ISTJs, that’s really the only way they would have it; direct, solitary, and honest to the point of being rude.

Scrooge’s placement in literature is not too dissimilar to the reputation ISTJs can have among circles in MBTI. His penny-pinching and misery are legendary and if you’re not in the spirit, you’re either compared to him or the Grinch. But while the Grinch was so over the top in his attitude, Scrooge represents the everyday evils of only caring about your own routine…even when you don’t like it yourself. Continue reading

MBTI: Thorin Oakenshield- ISTJ

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When you think hardheaded, what type comes to mind? Probably a TJ types. While Fi users can be stubborn (as any type can be, really), it’s the strong Te users that shove everybody else out of the way just so they can see why everyone was standing there in the first place. Thorin is that guy.

While a word like “tradition” gets thrown around a lot with ISTJs, anyone that knows them has to wonder if it’s really all about upholding the past for them or is it really just about them getting their own way. Thorin is that guy. Continue reading

MBTI: The Groups as a Body

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I can’t say I’m a fan of the different sites that are intent on relating different MBTI types to inanimate objects, or what state each would be. While I’ve got certain articles that are definitely reaching, I’d like to think most of the information I present clarifies what’s already been put forward, and does so in an entertaining, understandable, and informative way.

That being said, instead of relating the different groups to toasters or Wyoming, here’s one way to explain to your friends that just “have to know” about MBTI how the types differ by group. Associating different terms will be easier to remember when they’re paired with something you’re already familiar with. There’s not much to this, but that’s part of the point.

So here are the parts of the body that best fit each group, based on that part of the body’s function to the rest of it, as the groups and their role in society. Continue reading

MBTI: Neil Page and Del Griffith- ISTJ and ENFP

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600th post!

The most mismatched duo since any INTJ and ESFP combination, the ISTJ and ENFP represent the best and worst humanity has to offer with Neil and Del being the mascots. Neil is rigid, unforgiving and miserable while Del is a nice guy that can’t understand boundaries. We’ve all been in those moods and had to deal with the other.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the original Due Date and its a shame they’re aren’t more comedies like it. I’ve always considered it a holiday movie due to its story centered around Thanksgiving and its theatrical release having been on November 25th (It’s 27!). Continue reading

MBTI: Louis Bloom- ISTJ

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Another recent creation and possibly Jake Gyllenhaal’s greatest performance ever, Louis Bloom is the type of ISTJ you don’t want to run into.

While normally thought of as by the book and rigid, that’s a stereotype that’s a general truism rather than an absolute. The ISTJ you know may be by the book and rigid, but it’s still going to be by their rules and standards, not necessarily what their boss deems appropriate. You’ll see what I mean if you don’t already. Continue reading

MBTI: The Types (of Types) of Villains

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Some Minor Spoilers May Apply!

As much as we love our heroes, as seen in MBTI: The Types (of Types) of Heroes, where we examine the kind of heroes each type are in fiction, the villains are what makes their exploits so intriguing to watch. How can you have a phoenix to rise if he doesn’t burn first? C’mon.

And before you press on, understand that while we may sympathize with many villains, it’s their actions that make them such, regardless of how complex they may be. Continue reading

MBTI: Catelyn, Sansa and Robb Stark- ESFJ and ISTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

It’s not really a secret who runs the world. While rarer Intuitives may have a hand in it, it’s the SJs that keep rules, regulations and traditions in place. For better and worse.

And Ned Stark’s mostly SJ family show their traits of tradition and order throughout the majority of the episodes they’re in, excluding Arya and Jon of course; who have kept the principles but exnayed on the tradition. Continue reading

MBTI: Brienne and Oberyn- ISTJ and ESTP; Rules VS Principles

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

When I was first introduced to MBTI, I’d see online that there was a “Sensor vs Intuitive” thing going on. Seems a bit imbalanced, doesn’t it? Considering there are so many more sensors than intuitives and you’ve got to have both anyway; one side dealing with the others’ problems they didn’t know they had.

No, the real war is between Judgers and Perceivers. Those control-freak judgers! Just leave me alone! Lazy perceivers! Get off your bums and accomplish something!

No, but in all reality, understanding the others’ working process, among other things is key to applying MBTI. Here are some differences and similarities between Brienne (Of Tarth!), an ISTJ and Oberyn “Red Viper” Martell, an ESTP.

Yes. There will be spoilers. Continue reading