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MBTI: Eren Yeager- ESFP

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While they’re often considered the most fun loving, ESFPs could just as easily be considered the most hot-headed. While their thinker brothers, the ISTP and ESTP have their moments, it’s the ESFP male that may have the hardest time keeping themselves composed in times of stress and it’s often times the ESFP themselves that create the situation.

Eren is a great example of the “hero” ESFP and another display that the anime/manga world is the most diverse in terms of protagonists. Continue reading

MBTI: Pacific Rim

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As much as critics want to rip Pacific Rim apart, people seem to really be into it. There’s something about not having to care whether an entire city gets destroyed by massive monsters and giant robots, be it in water or city.

And while the Kaiju and Jaegers were definitely the main event, all the characters that controlled them were different enough to be typed on their own, leaving only the “main events” to be untyped. Continue reading