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It’s been a while since I tackled the walking brain that is the INTP. And for a while I didn’t care about typing Q because I was never sure if he was ENTP or INTP. The older a character/person is, the more difficult it can be to type because, with any stroke of luck, they’ll begin to balance out. So Q making jokes and being funny while inventing crazy weapons and tools isn’t strictly ENTP territory. Especially not for the rebooted Q. His jokes are muted and his gadgets aren’t so…gadgety.

And it’s not like all INTPs are brilliantly learned, literal Architects as Q isn’t the architect of every single invention. Let’s just be happy for Q he wasn’t around to witness the horror of the invisible carContinue reading

ZRE Podcast #20- Questions!

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good question now and again? Me personally, I like to sit down by a warm fire with some scalding hot cocoa and when I spill it onto my crotch scream at the sky “WHY?? WHY?!?!?”

But that’s for another time. Today on the podcast, we tackle a few things, only one of which is actually current in today’s fast paced news world. Come in and take a seat, hot cocoa is on the way. Continue reading


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Visionary, or lady just doing her job? The latter! M’s way of doing things is strict and to the point, just like her type. While everyone else is falling all over for Bond for one reason or another, she’s calling him an idiot to his face telling him how much cleaner the job could have been done.

There’s a reason they’re known as “The Duty Fulfillers” and M displays this quite clearly. Nothing slows her down, nothing is done properly for her, and work is her life. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. Continue reading

MBTI: ISTPs and ESTPs: Action Heroes

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Okay, so you’re writing a story right? This is crazy I know. But you’re writing a story and you haven’t started actually writing yet but you’re going to and this process can’t be rushed.

So you’re coming up with your story and you need an awesome main character. He’s ex-CIA (or maybe special forces, whatever, right?) but what skills will he use to save his divorced wife and kid? The new husband is already dead (terrorists!). Oh well, life goes on.

So your main guy has got this set of killing skills that he’s picked up over the years that he’ll use to defeat the terrorists, which also include, but are not limited to a wide assortment of guns, cars, and his fists.

But it’s not the terrorists that frighten him- his feelings do. Continue reading

MBTI: James Bond- ISTP

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People generally view the various actors that have played Bond differently. Obviously. It’s why the question can be asked “Who’s your favorite Bond?” and you can always get a different answer.

It’s usually between Connery and Moore it seems and people’s typings range from ESTP to ENTJ- it’s everywhere. But what about the character as a whole?

For that, you look no further than your silent action hero, the ISTP. Continue reading

6 Bond Gadgets Reality Would Destroy

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That car…Oh, the car.

There’s no doubt about it, 007 is an amazing man. In fifty years, he’s had time to build up quite a nice little collection of tools, weapons, and other devices for his use in the British branch of awesome spies and soldiers. America has GI JOE.

And while many of Bond’s gadgets are more advanced versions of weapons and tools that government is are actually working on, and others are gadgets that work in theory at the very least, it’s also true that some of his toys are a bit on the stupid side. And while even the dumbest Bond gadget is better than the best Christmas gift we’ve ever received (a rat), it doesn’t stop the gadgets themselves still being a football field away from sensible in any scenario, save for the scene when the writer wants to finish the script and eat lunch.

Below are six of Bond’s gadgets that reality immediately deem retarded. Continue reading

The Greatest Secret Agents Known to Fiction

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Secret agents are great aren’t they?

Out of all the spies you know (or don’t), throughout history, they will never compare to a spy you know in the world of fiction. Once James Bond set that bar, there was no raising it, only trying to get to it. With Skyfall having been released last week, it seems appropriate to compare some of the greatest fictional spies of all time. There were so many to list, only a few were chosen to represent the more discreet side of the ka-razy world of fiction. Seriously, there’s so many secret agents and spies it’s like finding pennies on the ground. From the unappreciated to the pretty-freaking-obvious.

No particular order by the way, that’s all up to you folks. You won’t see Austin Powers on the list, just to let you know ahead of time. I’m still sick the impressions. Continue reading

Killing for Justice!

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From the masterpiece, “Undefeatable.” Stingray likes his knives.

We all know how real fights go; they’re boring. They go by extremely fast before one person is knocked out and somebody breaks it up. Worst of all, by the end, someone has actually been hurt, and it might have affects that will last them the rest of their lives. Laaaaaaame.

What’s cool about the movies is that a fight can go on for as long as the writer feels it should be dragged out, so punches can last forever. In the same amount of time it takes for the female heroine to make it to the military base, get past all the guards, bypass the security mainframes, upload the antivirus to ensure the world doesn’t die by turning into diseased mutant pigs, her male hero counterpart has just been punching the lead villain the entire time. EVERY. SINGLE. PUNCH. LANDING. IN. THEIR. FACE.

It makes me think the writers have never been in a fight, but rather think of the human body as being an unbreakable death machine meant to take as much damage and punishment as the antagonists care to bring on them. How are these characters able to endure such abuse? Keep reading. Continue reading

First “Skyfall” Poster

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What’s cool about this? It’s only James Bond walking toward you. But hey, Jimmy Bond is Jimmy Bond, baby, what can you say? You say you’re sorry that’s what, and then you tell him what he wants to know before he shoots you in the kneecap. This Bond will probably shoot first then ask questions after. “After” meaning “after he has sexual relations with your wife, you greedy weapons dealer. Bond did you a favor.”