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I love getting to type a character that plays up to and simultaneously defies stereotype. Walter White, Vergil, and Batman all fit the bill of the Mastermind personality yet none of them have gone the classic route a la Doctor Doom.

So now we have Ma-Ma from last year’s Dredd. She too, can claim the bragging rights (among other things) to being almost entirely responsible for her own rise to the top- though if you’re rising in Mega-City One that really just means keeping your head just above the smog. Continue reading

MBTI: Judge Dredd- ISTJ

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I’ve heard Judge Dredd range from ISTP to INTJ, but this guy has ISTJ written all over him. His approach, his look, his themes, everything- the ultimate ISTJ in any incarnation. If this were any other type and I mean any other type, at some point some sort of breakdown could be conceivably written for him where “everything he’s ever known is wrong!” Or maybe he decides he’s going to go “off the books” on this one and do things his own way.

But he doesn’t and won’t ever, because it’s not in his personality. Introverted Sensing first, baby. Continue reading

Judge Dredd Is So Stupid It Hurts

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I had a nightmare like this once.

I’m not kidding, this movie gave me a headache from every flaw, hole, stare and one liner this movie offers. I don’t understand how this movie was not only greenlit, but followed through and not trashed at some point in the creation process. At the very least, somebody, at some point, had to have looked over at their co-worker on set and said something along the lines of “Dude. This movie is going to be terrible.”

I can testify. Continue reading

Movie Revew: DREDD

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Stars: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris

Rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content , Running time 95 minutes, Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Compare to: Blade Runner (1982), The Raid: Redemption (2012)

Having been a Stallone movie in ’94, and being a bad one at that, I wasn’t looking forward to the Dredd reboot. I’m even sick of the word “reboot.” I figured I’d be seeing just another lame attempt at cashing in on the comic book movie sub-genre we’ve got around these days. I’m glad to say though, this movie stands on its own. Dredd is quick, simple, violent, and fun.

The main difference between this film and the original (besides everything) is that it’s being sold as based on the comic book, as opposed to being a remake of the ’94 version. I’m assuming the idea is to put as much distance between this release and the ’94 crap-fest. Good move, I’d say. I’d also say its good that there’s no Rob Schneider as the wacky sidekick. Continue reading