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Social Punching Experiment

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 09/12/2016 by McCutcheon

Some people just need a good punching. But I wouldn’t punch someone just because I didn’t like them, but because I think it could be what they need to put them in their place; whether that means bringing them up or putting them down.

Phone Culture

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 09/08/2016 by McCutcheon

This wasn’t a problem a decade ago. Who can I blame that isn’t me?

I was a Teenage Addict…to Coffee

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 08/05/2016 by McCutcheon

And also, I’m an adult. I went on a break from caffeine to see what life is like without my one true love. It was somewhat miserable but an interesting experience all the same.