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My Pitch for The Hangover 3

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , , , on 08/14/2012 by Taylor Holt

So while The Hangover 3 is in pre-production and is already set to open in May of next year, make a bajillion dollars at the box office, and have thousands of fratboys pee in their cargo shorts in drunken delight after watching Zach Galifianakis make a kooky face, I didn’t think it would hurt to pull the old screenplay out from underneath the bed.

Screenplay?” You ask? Yes, screenplay. I wrote a Screenplay for The Hangover 3 immediately after viewing the celluloid gold that is Hangover 2. I just loved it so much that I can’t get enough of the crazy characters, the wacky scenarios, and the unique living creatures they find and carry around for a good thirty minutes.

Did I mention there are kooky Zach Galifianakis faces? Because there are. What follows is an overview of what could’ve have been the Holy Grail of comedies. It could only be the Grail because The Hangover is the Ark of the Covenant and The Hangover 2 is the skull that completes the skull trio that will allow the crops to flourish. Anyway. Continue reading