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MBTI: Max Rockatansky- ISTP

Posted in MBTI Artisans, MBTI Stuff with tags , , , , , , on 05/14/2015 by Taylor Holt


I need to get into some new genres. When filling out the list of manliest characters of all time (Soon to be a real article!), ISTP makes eight of them. That’s not a problem when watching the movie, but when it comes to typing a relevant character (Often times I’m being asked to type so it’s not just me coming up with this stuff), we end up with ISTP. It’s almost as though all the characters online users were originally telling me were INTJ are actually ISTP.

And Max ain’t no different in that sense. While the first film deals with the death of Max’s wife and kid at the hands of a vicious biker gang, the second and third film deals with an apocalyptic ISTP paradise wherein Max battles even more theatrically violent gangs all for gas and water. When you get down to it, what else matters? Human life? Oh, yeah, that too. Continue reading