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I love getting to type a character that plays up to and simultaneously defies stereotype. Walter White, Vergil, and Batman all fit the bill of the Mastermind personality yet none of them have gone the classic route a la Doctor Doom.

So now we have Ma-Ma from last year’s Dredd. She too, can claim the bragging rights (among other things) to being almost entirely responsible for her own rise to the top- though if you’re rising in Mega-City One that really just means keeping your head just above the smog. Continue reading


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Long overdue, aren’t we? Having typed the others, and Arkham Origins having just been released, it was time to give Batman his due. “The World’s Greatest Detective” is fairly obvious in his type yet people will argue anything won’t they? INFJ? Batman? Extroverted Feeling second? Psh. This guy’s M.O. is beating information out of people and putting them in prison.

While his character is a tad unrealistic given his wide range of perfected skills, he still fits the profile of “master planner” to the fictional tee. Oh, so much to cover. Continue reading