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MBTI: Type and Intelligence

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Some of the biggest questions when it comes to newcomers with MBTI usually begin with “Which type is the most…” and you can fill in the blank from there. Whatever the actual question is, you can probably bet that it depends on the individual person rather than type itself. This seems obvious sure, but people are still inclined to their biases.

Naturally, types all have their own strengths there are exceptions in every aspect of talent and skill. But what about intelligence? Is there a type that’s naturally going to be more gifted intellectually? Continue reading

MBTI: Your Multiple Personalities

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Ever feel like nobody knows the “real you?” Of course you have! Everybody has at one point or another.

Unless you’re lying to yourself right now thinking “No, I’ve never thought that.” Which then makes you one of us because your way of separating yourself is by pretending you don’t think the same things most people do. Pow, got you.

Anyway, everybody has thought that they’re different in a way those around them can’t understand. Sometimes it’s in a pretentious way and other times, it’s a bit more justified. In either case, the “real you” and the face you put on for everyone are all you, it’s just a matter of how you’re feeling at the moment. There is a fence between the you at home and the you at work but it’s all in the same neighborhood.

Accepting the good and the bad will allow to see yourself in a clearer light and bring MBTI and your life into better focus. Continue reading

MBTI: Know What MBTI is Used For, People!

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All too often, members of the MBTI community call it quits and back out. And I don’t just mean that they stop showing an interest in it, I mean they “officially” announce that they’re done with it altogether. They’re tired of seeing people as types and putting them into boxes and they don’t want to do it anymore.

It’s understandable to want to quit putting people in little boxes, but why is anybody doing that in the first place? That’s not what MBTI is for. Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #28- A Genie and Three Wishes

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This week, Josh and Taylor go over what our wishes would be should we ever come across…AN ALL POWERFUL GENIE! And we also get some wishes from a few different MBTI types and how they would use this power that comes with no responsibility.

The only rule? No wishing for more wishes!

Continue reading

MBTI: Being Sure of Your Type

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To take away from the message that might come across as too serious or judgmental to some, all pictures in this post are Calvin and Hobbes strips of characters talking out of their butts.

In my experience (I’ve got like, so much), there are a lot of people out there who don’t know themselves very well. It’s not a sin, per se, but in the world of MBTI, knowing yourself and all that comes with that big ol’ mess that you are, it’s key to understand others so you should get acquainted with yourself too.

Yet there are still those who not only don’t quite have a grasp on it, they’re persistent in spreading what they don’t know to others. What does this do? It creates more confusion, that’s what it does.

But how can we be sure of our type? Well there are several ways. Continue reading

MBTI: Why Does MBTI Matter Over Other Personality Assessments?

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Pictured above: My spirit animal.

Hey, do you know what color your soul is? How about what your mythical creature counterpart is? I bet mine is a dragon or something. Do you care? No? I don’t get why not, finding that stuff out would explain so much about you. Sarcasm!

What about your Enneagram? Or which of the Big Five your personality best fits with? No, not into that either? Well, neither am I! Of course, if you wanted to, you could take all those “tests” also and maybe learn something else out about yourself, but what will it do for you? Here’s a brief examination of why MBTI is not only the preferred personality assessment on this site but also how one should be enough. Continue reading

MBTI: Figuring Out Your Type

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….And it’s probably not what you think.

Notice how many INTJs are online? Several of the rarer types seem to live online though you never meet them in real life. I’m sure part of the reason is that the more rare types are also a little more cerebral in their general activities. Reading, writing, scouring the internet for more than just a Youtube video, etc.

But are there really as many as it seems in the world? The usual percentages given don’t match with the sheer number online that claim what they are. Are the numbers wrong or is it that highly accessible tests with questionable results are everywhere? Continue reading

MBTI: Fight Club’s Narrator- ISFJ

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Everyone has had a job they hated. Maybe you hated it so much, you couldn’t do it for long or maybe you did it longer than you thought you could. But ISFJs could go for years doing a job they hate. The Narrator (or Jack) is a bizarre example of what happens to all those ISFJs that suppress themselves so deeply for such a long period of time.

There’s no “N” here, ladies and gentlemen- this guy is just insane. Continue reading

MBTI: Horror Villains

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Halloween is on the way, so who better to type than the only characters in Horror movies that make them worth watching? Some characters are a little more obvious to type while a couple in there are a stretch, but they work.

If I missed anybody, let me know. ISFP was a tricky one but he was an artist in his previous life so that’s something. Is there any argument on what Jason is, regardless of the movie? Didn’t think so.

Here are some of the old school guys.

*Updated October 20, 2013

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MBTI: Batman and Company

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If you read my Myers Briggs post correlating movies to their respective type, you know I’m a fan of MBTI. And seeing as how Dark Knight Rises was as great as we wanted it to be, I still feel the need to write about all things pertaining to it. Below are a list of characters, primarily villains, who fit into the MBTI types. One thing that’s so fun about Batman’s villains are the fact that each one is a different aspect of his personality. There’s a whole science to him, look it up.

Once again, if you have an interest in Myers Briggs, here’s a link. Last Batman post for a while I think. I’ve got a life, I swear.

Okay fine, I don’t.

Updated on October 16. 2013

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