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MBTI: Colonel Volgin- ENTJ

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volgin1In the footsteps of Magneto, Loki, and plenty of other villains that have just got to have it all, Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin is one apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. And he is one ruthless, sadomasochistic apple.

Since the villain makes the hero, it should be pretty clear how Big Boss got to be as awesome as he is. Look who he had to go through. Volgin in a supervillain in a world where very select few gain the kind of power he had, but y’know what they say about absolute power… Man, I have I used that line before? Power-hungry guys are all so similar… Continue reading

MBTI: The Boss- INFJ

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Of all the characters in all of video game-dom, there’s only one that seems to have inspired as much throughout as series- and we didn’t even know it until the third game (technically the fifth).

Metal Gear Solid 3’s Boss is an extremely complicated character; a woman of brains, action and knowledgeably working within the framework of the big picture. While many thought of the main hero, Solid Snake as the catalyst for the stories, we took a step further back to see it was Big Boss.

Then we took another step back to reveal The Boss. Just another example of the INFJ setting things in motion. Continue reading