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MBTI: Morpheus- ENFJ

Posted in MBTI Idealists, MBTI Stuff with tags , , , on 07/15/2013 by Taylor Holt


This one’s a bit trickier, but as far as ENFJs go, Morpheus fits the type pretty well. It can seem especially difficult in a film series where just about everybody dresses in leather, suits and sunglasses while most lines are questions with a one word response.

Character 1: Is this going to work?

Character 2: It has to.

Seems like a world full of Introverts which lead many to speculate that Morpheus is also a solitary man, but that would have more to do with the movie keeping a steady rhythm. At a closer look, it gets pretty clear that Morpheus is not only an Extrovert, but an Extroverted Feeler first. Unfortunately, no one can be told what Morpheus is. You have to read it for yourself.  Continue reading