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Zombies Soundtrack #9: Jacob

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By far the most “Western” of all the soundtracks thus far, this one brings more images to mind of the aftermath rather than the chaos as most soundtracks would. When the dust settles, I imagine sitting on the porch of a house like the one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just rocking back and forth as society is slowly being rebuilt somewhere else, while the country remains the same. With a bunch of rotting corpses strewn everywhere too of course. I had to leave a link to Murder by Death’s song, as it happens to be my favorite from them and their new album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon came out just a couple days ago. Look’er up! How do more of you not include Social D on your soundtracks? Shame on you!

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Murderin’ it up.

1. The Avett Brothers– Jenny And The Summer Day. Self Explanatory.

2. Kris Kristofferson– Sunday Morning Coming Down. Can you imagine the scene this song creates only with zombies added to it? Man, if you think your hangover sucks you’re really in for a bad day.

3. Deer Tick– Straight Into A Storm. The perfect song for deciding to face the situation head on.

4. Mumford & Sons– Dust Bowl Dance. I think this song is cool to start the killing segment with because it is about someone gradually being pushed to that limit.

5. John Mark McMillan– The Reckoning Day

6. Murder By Death– Ash. Another cool apocalyptic song.

7. Social Distortion– Down On The World. I knew I wanted Social D for this one but it was hard to choose one song.

8. Squad Five-O– Don’t Look Back. North to the future on the stereo! Gotta love the shout out to fellow GA band Joe Christmas but this song was chosen because it fits the theme perfectly. If you can get past the cheesy fake 80’s rock sound, for some reason I love it.

9. John Mark McMillan- The Reckoning Day. This song is really the perfect song. It sounds almost as if it was written about life post zombie apocalypse. In a way it was – it’s a worship song about Jesus’ return. “Come untied from the weight of the age.”

Bonus Track

10. The Zombies– How We Were Before. Picture zombies slow dancing to this one – pretty funny huh?

Zombie Soundtrack #0

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*Matthew McConaughey voice* Alright, alright, alright, here’s my list for a perfect Zombie Apocalypse soundtrack. Got several more in that are looking pretty good but as of right now, here’s mine to start us off. If you’re confuse about the parenthesis, check out the post underneath. We’ve got THEMES here, people, let’s try to retain some order!

1.  Queens of the Stone Age- Everybody Knows that You’re Insane (All is Well)

2. A Perfect Circle- Annhilation (Terror Rising)

3. The Gaslight Anthem- Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (What Happens Now?)

4. Nico Vega- A Million Years (Kill)

5. Deftones- Elite (Kill)

6. The Bronx- Kill My Friends (Kill)

7. City and Colour- What Makes a Man? (All is Lost)

8. Hot Water Music- We’ll Say Anything We Want (Regroup)

9. Murder By Death- Spring Break 1899 (Here’s to the Future)

Zombie Soundtrack

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In the spirit of zombies, I’ve put together a zombie soundtrack for my story. Specifically, a list of songs I was listening to at different times when writing The Dead and the Dying, but before I post mine, I’ve set up a number of themes that are highly applicable to the Zombie Apocalypse scenario. Below is a short list of themes for you to pick songs you feel are appropriate to the mood, followed by an explanation. Pick your list, and email them to me. Fill out all the numbers with at least one answer if you want to see them up here.

1. All is Well– This is the beginning of the story, when your life is at it’s most normal, before the outbreak.

2. Terror Rising– The Outbreak is here! How do you feel about it? Scared? Frantic? …Happy?

3. What Happens Now?– What’s your plan? Do you sit at home and strategize? Do you immediately make a break for it? Do you go the cowards way out? Decisions, decisions…

4, 5, 6.  The Killing Begins!- Pick three tracks for this setting. This is you doing what you’ve always wanted to do should a Zombie Apocalypse break out- Kill people without having to feel bad about it! Do you go into a dream-like state or a beserker rage like Wolverine? Pick what reflects you in action. For every 12 soundtracks posted, a winner will be voted on and get a prize. Prizes? OOH YEEAH!

7. All is Lost– A literary term to define exactly what you feel at this moment when all is, in fact, lost. Sad, depressing, blahblahblah…

8. You and Yours– Regroup! It’s fight or flight! Get your survivors and get out of here! Escape!

9. Here’s to the Future– A song to go out on. Are you dead? Dying? Zombified? Alive and reflective? Hopeful? This is the song to show it.

Responses will start being posted in the next few days. Send to