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MBTI: NF Villains and Other Miscreants

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Sure, they’re out there. There have been a few on here. But for the few that can be named, there’s a nine out of ten chance that whatever villain whose presence you’re enjoying isn’t a good ol’ Idealist.

The answer seems obvious enough given that on average, your “run-of-the-mill” Idealist loves people and just wants a big ol’ hug, blah blah blah…But not every Rational wants to poison the city’s water supply nor every Artisan want to rob, rape and kill- so where are the NF villains? Continue reading

MBTI: Know Your NFs!

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Too much...happy...

Too much…happy…

It can be tough sometimes to know the difference between your Extraverted Idealists and your Introverted ones. They’re all so…humanity-minded…

Lucky for you, there’s fiction! Continue reading