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Where Have All the Westerns Gone?

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , on 09/13/2012 by Taylor Holt

What guy out there grew up with having never watched a Western? My own dad wasn’t obsessed or anything but we definitely had seen a fair amount when we were younger.

John Wayne’s name was thrown around enough for me to know who he was without ever having watched one of his movies. Looking back on it though, the Westerns that I’d list as my favorites today or even childhood favorites were ones that my dad never actually even cared about.

The Quick and the Dead (1995) was one in particular that I was a fan of as a kid even though looking back, it’s clearly got that Sam Raimi flavor. Close-up zooms, giant holes blown into dummy heads, so on and so forth. We’ve had a handful since then but nothing that the public has latched onto. So the real question is, where have all the Westerns gone? Continue reading