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5 Musicians Movies Need to Leave Alone for a While

Posted in Top 5 Lists with tags , , , , , , , on 01/21/2014 by Taylor Holt


Everybody is guilty of listening to a band so much that it would be embarrassing for people to know how much time you’ve actually devoted to it.

But you’re only human and “secretly” listening to band your friends can never know about is natural (Psst…They already know).

But nobody’s guiltier of repetition than Hollywood. Well, them and the radio. Between the actual movie, credits, trailer, or a hundred other mediums, it seems filmmakers and whoever makes these decisions really don’t have an original bone left in their body. Heck, the first and second Underworld trailers used the same song and they came out three years apart. Here are some other examples of bands being overused to the point of ruining their songs. Continue reading