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When the Character is You

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We all relate to certain characters in the fiction we like. Heck, it’s part of why we like it. Sometimes it’s as simple as empathizing with a character’s problems or seeing ourselves as the struggling anti-hero we’re watching onscreen.

But then there are the times when the character actually is us. It goes beyond just having things and common and maybe you don’t even like this character- but it’s you, or us rather, as the audience. Continue reading

MBTI: Raiden- ISFP

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Of all the characters of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, no opinion is as polarized toward a character than the surprise protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 himself, Raiden. Aka “White Devil,” aka “Jack the Ripper” aka “Why-the-hell-am-I-playing-as-this-guy?”

Normally, a character with so much controversy surrounding them tends to be a type more willing to go to extremes. But Raiden’s faults and problems lie mostly in the fact that players were thought to be playing as the normal hero of the game, Solid Snake.

But after about a third of the game was completed (if that), you switch over to a guy that in many ways, seems the opposite of Snake. He’s not gruff. He’s not world weary. And he looks like a woman. A very. pretty. woman. Do these things alone type Raiden? Nah, they don’t hardly factor in. Here’s what does… Continue reading