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Good Bad Movies and Bad Bad Movies

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , on 09/25/2012 by Taylor Holt

“I was supposed to what? Talk to them? I could’ve sworn this was the scene where I killed everybody. Okay, from the top.”

A few weeks ago, I went over the topic of bad movies and how enjoyable they can be. It’s a different type of fun than watching a great movie and there’s a limitless amount of awfulness to view. With all the great terrible movies out there, it may be even easier to come across the ones that aren’t good bad, just…bad bad.

What makes a good bad movie and what makes just a plain awful movie? I can’t help but think of the differences between the two after watching a film that opened up last weekend and climbed its way to the top without any problem. Yep- Resident Evil: Retribution. It’s already made up twice its budget which is more than it deserves. Continue reading

The Movie Section at Wal-Mart. Also, I can’t Sleep.

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , , , on 06/04/2012 by Taylor Holt

The original idea was to post a picture from Pacino’s film Insomnia. Then I saw this and just couldn’t resist.

 Something’s weird about going into Wal-Mart. It can be highly depressing, yes, going to get my oil changed there or just getting any regular groceries, but the movie section there is a beast all its own. Continue reading