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Phone Culture

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 09/08/2016 by McCutcheon

This wasn’t a problem a decade ago. Who can I blame that isn’t me?

Don’t Talk In My Movie You Idiot Teenagers

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 08/26/2016 by McCutcheon

As if you needed another reason to stay home instead of going to the theater, the teenagers in my screening of “Don’t Breathe” had me sympathizing with the blind antagonist of the movie, hoping he would strangle the kids who had done him wrong.

Review up later today.

Stop Calling Yourself A “Gamer”

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Athletes have the prestige of being athletic (at least if they’re worth anything on the field) while people good enough can go onto be professional athletes. Good for them.

So-called “gamers” have the prestige of…gaming? It doesn’t really carry the same tune to it and there’s no reason to fight for change on this so let’s just drop it. Uh, yes, playing is fun and it can easily get competitive without going professional but it’s not a way to describe yourself. Play all you want, but you’ve got a lot more going for you than to be defined by “gaming.”

3D Movies Are Just Terrible in Every Way

Posted in Videos! with tags , , on 06/27/2016 by McCutcheon

Hollywood loves their trends, from blockbusters every other weekend to using phrases like “We’ve got company!” in every action movie ever.

But 3D sucks. Hollywood will only take their little schemes are far as people let them.

Universal Studios is Serious About Beer

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Heaven is a place on earth and it goes by Universal Studios. Until the loser who works at the Simpsons bar refuses to sell me a Duff. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! No? Of course you don’t, I’m a nobody.

Butterbeer is better anyway…

Trolls and Anti-Rape PSAs

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When someone tells you to “kill urself” online, don’t give them any attention unless you want to get into an argument that has no winner.

When celebrities tell you not to rape, then I guess you should continue not doing it, unless you’re the target demographic. Then sure, give them a listen.

The “#morethanmean” video I talk about can be watched in this link. For the anti-rape PSA (One of them, anyway), click here.

Stand-Up Comedy is Hard

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It’s tough, man. Only the strongest survive. The strongest and Amy Schumer anyway.