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tmAs a childhood favorite, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been there for me. Not through break-ups or heartache, trials and tribulations or anything like that but like, y’know…uh…when I would remember how much I loved them when I was a kid then I would, um…

Okay, so I don’t understand that phrasing of “always been there for me” when it comes to a thirty year-old franchise that had my parents spending God knows how much on come every birthday and Christmas. I never got the turtle van though. I guess you could say I had a rough childhood.

Anyway, since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Bay Turtles comes out Friday and I have yet to type all of the core characters past the turtles, might as well do so now before everybody watches the movie and decides to hate it all.

Leonardo- ENFJ

Donatello- INTP

Raphael- ISTP

Michelangelo- ESFP

Casey Jones- ESTP

Shredder and Splinter- INTJ and INFJ Comparison

I Just Realized April O’Neil is Disgusting

Just kidding, you’re not going to hate it. And if you are, just take Megan Fox’s advice! Gold!

And we hate what BAY is doing to the Ninja Turtles? C'mon.

And we hate what BAY is doing to the Ninja Turtles? C’mon.

MBTI: Raphael- ISTP

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He’s cool but rude, Raphael plays the part to the Ninja Turtles like Wolverine plays to the X-Men: Action and one liners are his main responsibilities and writing his character is pretty much the writer’s way of saying “Somebody needs to get punched in this scene.”

ESTP is often the type associated with never holding back but ISTP is what you want if subtlety is to be thrown in there. And while being subtle doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with being a giant mutant turtle, Raphael does what he can. Continue reading