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When the Character is You

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We all relate to certain characters in the fiction we like. Heck, it’s part of why we like it. Sometimes it’s as simple as empathizing with a character’s problems or seeing ourselves as the struggling anti-hero we’re watching onscreen.

But then there are the times when the character actually is us. It goes beyond just having things and common and maybe you don’t even like this character- but it’s you, or us rather, as the audience. Continue reading


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Resembling something between the Joker, a bat, and demon, the Shinigami that changed the world through just a drop of a notebook and a whole lot of chance is one of the most clear representations of an ENTP in fiction.

Definitely playing up to the trickster role, Ryuk didn’t have to do much for his plan to be set in motion. And by “plan,” I mean doing something for the hell of it and seeing what happened. Continue reading