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MBTI: The Three Types of ISTP- Arya, The Hound, and Bronn

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

You could say that any type has a “subtype” of sorts. Many people are willing to write MBTI off because being that type puts them in a box and since they cannot be another type, they believe it to be highly limiting in how they’re viewed.

As mentioned previously- NO! That’s not how it works. Unless you consider the reality that people will always box you in in some way. They’ve only got so much space in their brain, we don’t all have time to understand each others’ complexity. So while you are your type and only your type, your upbringing, environment, and various other factors play a role in who you are.

Using three characters of the same type from Game of Thrones as models, we’ll go into three types of ISTPs you could just as soon come across in your real life. Continue reading